How to join us

The Association "Amici del Museo Tazio Nuvolari" Onlus was officially founded on September 8, 2011 in order to preserve the historical memory of the "Flying Mantuan" and renovate its new Museum, located in the former Church of the Carmelino, in Mantua between via Giulio Romano and via Nazario Sauro. Today the Association continues to look for funds with the aim to support the museal activities.

The membership is open: people can give an annual fee of € 25 (ordinary member) or € 50 (supporting member) or a significant financial contributions (honorary member).

Of course, each member can visit the Museum with a guide and participate at the Onlus meeting. Many forms of contribution can be give to the Association through Unicredit Bank, IBAN IT 64 S 02008 11510 000101658159, or through the C/C post n.1005576820, IBAN IT 20 H 07601 11500 001005576820.