Enzo Ferrari. Words of passion

di Maurizio Valentini
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Description Author: Maurizio Valentini, Arte Stampa s.r.l., Modena, 2008.

119 pages, Language: Italian/English

“Enzo Ferrari – Parole di passione” is a collection of Enzo Ferrari’s quotations, by Maurizio Valentini, published in 2008. In its foreword, Piero Ferrari (Enzo’s son) mentions his father’s strong personality, that can be easily outlined by flipping through quotations.
The sentences, written in two languages and alternated by illustrations and photographies, not only are the myth’s portrait, but they also encourage the readers to believe in their own choices and invest in their own passions.

Books data
Author/s: Maurizio Valentini
Year: 2008
Pages: 119
Language: Italian
Publisher: Arte Stampa s.r.l.
Publisher City: Modena

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