Le leggendarie Auto Union

di Gianni Cancellieri e Cesare De Agostini
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Description Author: Gianni Cancellieri e Cesare De Agostini
1998, Edizioni Grafiche Zanini

Language: Italian, 171 pages, cm 23 x 29, black & white pictures 237

This books explores the world of Auto Union, of his great cars and great drivers.
From the birth of Auto Union to the last races fo the early 40's, a story of cars, mechanical innovation, engineers and legends of races like Tazio Nuvolari, Achille Varzi, Rudolf Caracciola and so on.

Books data
Author/s: Gianni Cancellieri, Cesare De Agostini
Year: 1998
Pages: 171
Language: Italian
Publisher: Edizioni Grafiche Zanini

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